The advanced training course on International Arbitration, offered by the Vietnam Institute of International Arbitration (VIArb), focuses on the International Arbitration general theme and arbitration rules & practice. The advanced training course will take place online on Aug 2021.

The use of international arbitration has evolved to allow parties from different legal, linguistic and cultural backgrounds to resolve their disputes in a final and binding manner, typically without the formalities of the procedural rules of their own legal systems.

Course information

Besides a general course on the principles and practice of international arbitration, the program helps learners understand and apply arbitration requirements in the settlement of international disputes.

The lecture system is divided into 4 modules, providing practical knowledge, closely following arbitration requirements in the international dispute settlement environment:

Module 1: International Arbitration general theme

  • Features and principles of international arbitration.
  • Seat of arbitration
  • Different arbitration rules and practice
  • Application of soft laws (IBA rules, guidance, CIArb guidances, Redfern Schedule, etc) in international arbitration
  • Case management technics (bifurcation, PO1, production of documents, EP, EA, etc).

Module 2: ICC Arbitration Rules & Practice

  • (Joint program developed by VIArb and ICC, including lecture & tutorials)

Module 3: SIAC Arbitration Rules & Practice

  • (Joint program developed by VIArb and SIAC, including lecture & tutorials)

Module 4: Optimizing witnesses and experts in international arbitration

Why this course?

With the participation of many leading experts in the fields of teaching, this course provides international arbitration knowledge on drafting International Arbitration Agreements, drafting Skills in International Arbitration, the Arbitration procedure, quantum strategies and cost strategies.

  • Timothy Cookie (International Arbitration partner)
  • Joongi KIM (Professor of Law, Yonsei Law School South Korea)
  • Sameer Shah (International Arbitration & Program Director of CIArb-India)

To ensure active participation and exchange with teaching staff and fellow participants, a maximum of 20 participants will be admitted to this course.

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