In the trend of international economic integration, commercial disputes are inevitable, so arbitration is a top priority. This makes the work in international arbitration also receive attention because of the inevitability of the current trend of handling commercial issues.

The article has compiled the necessary and useful information to get a job in international arbitration.

But how to get a good job or become an arbitrator in international arbitration? From the experiences of Mr. Ben Giaretta C.Arb – Partner, Fox Williams LLP. The President, London Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration which we have summarized below will provide you with more specific and useful information on this matter.

Possess valuable qualifications

Your possession of relevant qualifications, such as those offered by Arbitration Institutes, will be a key factor on your path to becoming an arbitrator. This also proves your knowledge and dispute resolution skills in the process of learning and inquire commercial issues and arbitration methods.

Depending on the knowledge values ​​that you gain through your degree as well as your efforts to achieve them, this is also an effective way to show bravery, progressive spirit as well as determination. advance in your career. However, in order to stand out from other candidates of the same level, you need to focus on and understand your strengths. Don’t focus on getting too many degrees, it can make you “too academic” and difficult to reach customers in matters of commercial dispute resolution.


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Show experience

You will make a good impression when you are already experienced in the work related to international arbitration. This is evident when interviewing, employers will certainly ask you about work experience and often prioritize candidates with previous experience.

But there are certain exceptions. If you are not experienced in this area of ​​international arbitration, you can supplement by showing them your previous selections. For example, you may have been elected to a committee of an arbitration institution, have experience in dispute resolution, or have published articles or research papers in peer-reviewed journals. . Or you can simply get a referral from a referee or a reputable individual or organization. All of these things will give you a definite advantage among other candidates.

Actively search and connect with referees

You will have more opportunities to connect directly with the referees who will choose you among other CVs. This is also a way to help you be recognized in the eyes of the employer for your initiative.

A conversation will give you more than you need, your impressions, confidence and skills will converge in that meeting. People won’t be able to judge your qualities by just a CV, so take advantage of the opportunity to show your worth.

But how to get such an appointment? Of course, this will be a process that you have to put in a lot of effort. You can take advantage of the relationships you have at previous jobs. Alternatively, you can enlist the assistance of recruitment consultants, who can help you arrange the meeting.

You can find opportunities through conferences, seminars, commercial arbitration sessions. There are a lot of referees, lawyers, … that you can connect with them. That completely depends on your flexibility and adaptability. This is also one of the essential factors for future work, a person who is good at communication skills will definitely be preferred.

Persevere with your path

But above all you need to be consistent with your goals. Your inner persistence is the most important key for you to conquer this path. Proving that there have been many successful people because they are persistent in seeking and seizing opportunities. We will be very easily discouraged or even give up because of difficulties and failures. But everything is just the beginning and see it as a way for you to sharpen yourself even more. The field of arbitration is ever-expanding and there are always opportunities for everyone with the right qualifications and skills, if you persevere you will surely land a great and exciting job in international arbitration.

None of these thoughts are particularly unique, and there are many other strategies that can help you land a good job. However, I believe they will point you in the right direction and get you to your final destination. And that brings me to the last element, which is persistence. I have known many people who ended up in a good position after persistent searching. It is easy to become discouraged after initial setbacks. But there is a lot of good work out there and the field of international arbitration is expanding all the time. If you persevere, you will eventually land a fulfilling and exciting job in international arbitration.

The above are the factors that we list to help you navigate your path to international arbitration. Hopefully this article will give you a better overview of this commercial dispute resolution work, we will always stand by your side and bring you useful information.


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