VIArb (Vietnam International Arbitration Institute) is a not-for-profit training organisation founded by seven Vietnamese arbitrators and practitioners who are well-trained and have extensive experience in arbitration and other methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Vietnam. More importantly, these founding members have the same vision and dream, which is to see a strong future of arbitration and ADR profession in Vietnam, promoting the development of the Vietnamese arbitration practice to be in line with the international standards and best practices and to connect the Vietnamese ADR community to the regional and international ADR markets.

Over the years, the founding members of VIArb have carried out many activities to promote ADR in Vietnam by themselves and in conjunction with other resources, such as participating in organizing events, training, sharing seminars in arbitration and ADR, being judges, sponsors of large small ADR events and participating as judges, teaching ADR at universities, business and attorney forums, and writing articles and sharing knowledge of ADR in Vietnam and the world.

However, the founding members of VIArb continued to ponder about organizing systematic, professional, and in-depth training for the ADR community in Vietnam in the context that Vietnam is much backward than the world in the field of arbitration and ADR, and Vietnamese lawyers, arbitrators, and mediators have few opportunities to have access to international commercial dispute resolution practices. With that vision, on May 28, 2020, the founding team established VIArb to build foundation and advanced training programs in both short, medium, and long term in arbitration and ADR, mainly for those who are and will be practicing arbitration and ADR in Vietnam.

VIArb is proud to be the first independent professional arbitration training organisation in Vietnam. Our training programs are prepared by an experienced Editorial Board with reference to the most advanced training programs in the world, such as CIArb, SIAC, and ICC. We design different courses to suit each target group of students. VIArb’s lecturers are Vietnamese and international arbitrators with profound knowledge and practice on international arbitration, and all have appropriate international certificates in arbitration and ADR and have relevant experiences in training for arbitration and ADR courses in Vietnam and abroad.

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  • Helicopter view and systematic knowledge of international arbitration
  • Knowledge of the international arbitration cornerstones, principles and best practices
  • Knowledge of the arbitration proceeding and case management techniques from various perspectives
  • Having insights of arbitration law and practice in Vietnam
  • Having updates of the trend, opportunities and challenges of arbitration in Vietnam and international forum.

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 – MCIArb Dr. Le Net (LNT Lawyers)  – Steven Lim (39 Essex Chambers)
 – FCIArb Dr. Hop Dang (Hop Chambers)  – Richard Tan (Richard Tan Chambers)
 – Nguyen Duy Linh (Vilaf)  – Prof. Joongi Kim (Yonsei Law School)
 – Luong Van Ly (GVLawyers)  – FCIArb Sameer Shah (CIArb India)
 – FCIArb Nguyen Trung Nam (Tony) (EPLegal)  – Lawyer Edmund Kronenburg (Braddell Brothers)
 – Prof. Do Van Dai (HCMLU)  – Anil Changaroth (Changaroth Chambers)
 – FCIArb Truong Trong Nghia (YKVN)  – Dr. Timothy Cooke (Reed Smith)
 – MCIArb Luong Van Trung (Lexcomm)  – FCIArb Leon Seng Weng (CIArb Malaysia)
 – Do Khoi Nguyen (YKVN)
 – Tran Ngoc Dung (HCMLU)  – Trinh Ba Duong (Wong Partnership)
 – Nguyen Thi Thu Trang (Dzungsrt)  – Kieu Anh Vu (KAV lawyers)
 – Ngo Quoc Chien (FTU)  – Ton Nu Thanh Binh (MOFA)
 – Le Trong Them (LTT Lawyers)  – Nhan Nguyen (EPLegal)
 – Hoang Tran Thuy Duong (SIAC)  – Hieu Nguyen (ex-Allen Linklater)
 – Ngo Quynh Anh (Annie) (EPLegal)  – Nguyen Vu Lan (TSMP)